HuManilans is about the people of Manila – and everywhere else.

These are pieces of visual narratives that artist Boy Luna  hopes would stir bystanders to action to help the disadvantaged – the scores of nameless, faceless individuals — whom he portrayed in these paintings in non-traditional ways: spontaneous but bold brushstrokes, splatters of paint, scratches and smears rendered on my canvases of pizza boxes, carton boxes of beverages, take-out brown paper bags, and shopping bags.

According to Luna, his goal in producing this series of artworks is to move his viewers to do even the smallest of deed to ease the burden of every man, woman and child – not only Manilans – and recognize the human beings that they are.

About the artist 

Boy Luna is a Filipino painter residing in Metro Manila, Philippines. He began his career as a Graphic Designer but opportunities steered him to take the path of education and now, painting. His works embrace a variety of styles, among them Cubism, Impressionism, Expressionism and Pop Art. Expressionism is the style he has been most comfortable with when communicating images of visual narratives. He began engaging in studio art in the mid-1990s, producing massive paintings for school and theatre productions.

His works are the result of his exploration of human conditions, both the festive and the joyless, in the city where he resides, as well as urban areas he has visited. His art exhibits include KapARTiran Fair (2013), Sense of Arts (Jakarta 2008, 2009), Masterpieces Art Auctions (Jakarta 2009), Arttitude (Jakarta 2010), Jakarta Artworks (2012) and Jakarta Art Teachers (2012). If you are interested in his art, contact him at For conversations about his works, leave your comments below or in his timeline.

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