For the second year in a row, renowned feng shui expert Master Joseph Cham Kam Shing released his book, Feng Shui Essentials, this time for the Year of the Fire Monkey. The book serves as a monthly guide for all the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac in terms of finances, career, family, romance and gives readers tips to counteract bad luck or potential threats in their day to day life.

According to Master Joseph, the world welcomes this year a year of change with nations gearing for major elections and leadership changes, but this would spell the beginning of many positive changes with the transition.

For the Philippines as a whole, Master Joseph said that the year will not be entirely easy for the country as there will be many challenges that needs to be overcome in the first half of the year. The country will finally feel relief towards August after the height of the election season where Pinoys are expected to “enjoy a better life.”

For those born under the Monkey sign, being the host sign doesn’t exempt them from encountering challenges and problems this year so Master Joseph advises them to keep a low profile this year.



“For those born in the year of the monkey, as the host sign for this year, don’t be a guarantor for your friends and relatives, otherwise you will lose money. For your health, keep away from sharp objects and observe road safety. The money luck is easy come, easy go. Know how to save money. You must always think positively because the bad luck will follow you if you always think negatively,” he said.

So what do Pinoys really need to look out for in the Year of the Monkey?

  • A big typhoon may occur in the month of lunar July so Pinoys need to be prepared and make sure that their homes are strong to withstand disaster.
  • During the ghost month, Pinoys may be prone to car accidents, flooding, and plane crashes so people need to be extra careful.
  • Pinoys should be extra careful in engaging in business or signing business contracts as there is a huge tendency to be cheated. To counteract this, doing charity work and being generous to the needy is a good remedy.
  • If one wants to do business, lucky trades to be engaged in are those that are related to the fire elements – gas stations, petroleum, machineries, car sales, and warm materials. Those involved in the hotel and tourism trades on the other hand, will be faced with some challenges.
  • The worst direction is the northeast for this year. To counteract the bad luck, use the Chinese gong and ring it six times or keep a white ceramic bowl and put 49 pieces of one peso or 49 pieces of 50 centavos in it.
  • The north direction is where it is prone to lose money so it will be good to counteract this by filling a transparent flower vase with tap water and then place it in the north direction of the house. Always make sure that the water is clean.

Tips to for better luck:

  • For money: Ensure that the southwest direction of your house is clean and bright, then place a small fountain in that area. Also put your wallet in the southwest corner of your bedroom.
  • For romance: Place flowers in the southeast direction of your house. Also moving the bed towards the east will boost chances in the romance department.
  • For career: Put a red carpet in the west direction of your house and bedroom to boost chances of promotion. To further increase chances, place an image of a horse with one leg up facing the door of your house or bedroom.
  • For travel: Put your passport in the south direction of your house.

For more tips, Master Joseph’s book Feng Shui Essentials Year of the Fire Monkey, published by the Manila Bulletin is available in bookstores for a price of P499.

Angie Chui

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