The world was agog when Pope Francis joined the social media site Twitter in 2013, where every so often, the pontiff shares his thoughts on issues affecting the world.

Then, he continued to win the hearts of the faithful all over the world by kissing babies, caring for the ill and homeless, taking selfies with the youth, speaking out about climate change and the LGBTQ, and basically just being a rock star of a Pope that this generation could ever hope for.

Truly, the Pope has proven to Filipinos and the entire international community that he is the type of Pope who goes the extra mile to become the instrument of God’s compassion and mercy for all his children and he is unafraid to go with the times to get his age old message across.

For sure, Pinoys will be glad to know that Pope Francis has recently joined Instagram in an effort to reach out to more people, especially the younger faithful. Filipinos are known the world over for their love for connecting through the use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and it will come as no surprise to find that many of the Pope’s 1.6 million IG followers will be from the Philippines since it is the third largest Catholic country in the world.



In an accompanying tweet on his @Pontifex account, the Pope explained that he is “beginning a new journey” on the service in order “to walk with you along the path of mercy and the tenderness of God.”

His first Instagram post on his account @Franciscus, in which he is seen praying before the altar, the Pope asked the faithful to “Pray for Me” in several languages. The Pope joins the social media site in time for Lent t lead the faithful in observing the season with reflection and sacrifice.

Angie Chui

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