Most countries see flooding as a major problem. In the Philippines, it is too.

However, like the problem with traffic, Pinoys have gotten too used to the dilemma that instead of wasting their energies at being angry, they have opted to use their creativity and good humor to deal with the issue. As usual, Facebook was flooded (forgive the pun) with tons of snaps and memes with the hashtag #baha

When your home is invaded by water, the only thing left to do is take a groufie. (posted by Alden Ganzan Labadios)



Be creative seems to be the motto. (posted by Fro Oz)

Anlakas ng ulan! Pinasok na kame ng tubig!, Zandro Agila Marudo posted.

When the view outside your window seems like a scene from Water World. (posted by Genyang Llamas)

Who says footfies are only for beaches? Emil James Al took one indoors when his shop was flooded.

Rain or shine, these students will stop at nothing to get to school. They’re always up for a selfie while they’re at it too. That’s dedication for you. (posted by Glen Dyll Lanzarote)

May tatlong bibe akong nakita, went CJ Balitong Daulong’s hilarious caption on her post.

No amount of flooding can stop this squad from having a rainy day drinking session. (posted by Rosal Wendy)

Perhaps, this meme found on Pinterest is the best description of how Pinoys feel about floods (credit to owner).

After all, its more fun in the Philippines.

Photo credit to Missology

But the award for this round of the Philippine baha anthology may have to go to Facebook user Jobee Jugueta Bautista. Who can top this vid of his newly installed pool? The vid has been viewed over 4 million times, shared 73,000 times and liked thousands of times as of this writing.

Thank you, netizens for bringing the laughs this stormy season!




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