The May 14 Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan polls is less than a week away.

Do you already know what to do on the said day?



To help guide voters, here is a simple step by step guide for the voting process provided by the Commission on Elections:

1.) At the polling place, look for your name in the Posted Computerized Voters List and determine your precinct number and sequence number.

2.) Approach the Electoral Board and give your name, age, precinct number and sequence number. (Bring any valid ID in case you are asked to prove your identity.)

3.) Get your ballot from the Electoral Board.

-voters 18 to 30 years old will be given two ballots, one for SK and one for Barangay.
-voters aged 15 to 17 will receive one SK ballot.
-voters aged 31 and older will receive one Barangay ballot.

4.) Fill out the ballot by writing in the corresponding spaces the name of individual candidates you’ve chosen. Use the ballot secrecy folder to prevent other people from seeing what you are writing.

5.) After filling out the ballot, fold it in the same manner as it was received. (Do not remove the detachable coupon).

6.) Return the folded ballot to the electoral board.

7.) Allow your right forefingernail to be marked with indelible ink.

8.) Observe the Chairperson removing the ballot coupon. The Chairperson will deposit the ballot in the compartment of the ballot box for valid ballots and the detached coupon in the compartment for spoiled ballots.

And that’s it! In the meantime, use the remaining days to get to know the candidates in your area so when Election Day comes you will cast a WISE vote.

Selies Galvez