Ibang iba talaga ang pasko sa Pinas is the key line in one Filipino song and nothing exemplifies it better than  having a heartwarming gift delivered to your door by someone like your neighborhood taho vendor.

Facebook user Anita Lescano Beato recently shared snaps of her neighborhood taho vendor on Christmas day as he braved the rains donning a light raincoat and umbrella and hauling his heavy taho containers and travelling his normal route. And while on the surface, his hard work seems inspiring, his real intention is even more heartwarming,

At first, Anita said that she merely thought that the taho vendor was simply selling his product as per usual but she was actually surprised that he would not accept payment for his taho.

Si kuyang magtataho akala ko naglalako kahit na umuulan. Namigay lang pala ng ng taho para pamasko sa mga suki nya…(I thought Kuyang Magtataho was only selling his taho even though it was raining. But he was actually delivering his Christmas gift of taho to his loyal patrons)” she shared on her caption. “Talagang nag pakahirap sya kahit na umuulan para lang mabigyan ng pamaskong taho ang mga tao. (He really made the extra effort for his suki even though it was raining hard so he could give his gift to  people)”



It was definitely a labor of love for this hardworking taho vendor and a touching show of his gratefulness for the people who have supported his trade for the year. His genuine heart and his effort to spread his love for his patrons definitely won him the hearts of netizens who shared his story on social media.

Mabuhay ka, Manong! You are truly an unsung hero!

Angie Chui

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