There have been many trends and challenges that have grown popular via social media. The Ice Bucket Challenge, the Floss Challenge, the Kuripot Pinoy Challenge and Tik Tok are a few that have gained popularity in the Philippines. Now, its the #NEDA10KChallenge that is rocking Twitterverse like a hurricane.

Most recently, the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) released a sample computation on how a Filipino family of five can survive on only P10,000 a month. With the skyrocketing rate of inflation affecting even the most basic of commodities, many Filipinos were outraged over the NEDA’s statement that a family that earns P10,000 cannot be classified as poor.

Based on the computation, the budget for food is only P3,834 per day which means the family needs to survive on P127 a day. Utility costs, based on the budget account for P744, while transportation takes up P806 daily. NEDA even included assumptions for alcoholic beverages and tobacco (P158) and actual rentals for housing (P1266).

Many netizens immediately took to social media to challenge the feasibility of the NEDA computation and in typical Pinoy fashion, reacted to the news with a mix of wit, sarcasm and humor. Thus began the #NEDA10KChallenge which immediately became a trending hashtag on Twitter.



NEDA has since reacted to the backlash and posted their official statement on the issue.

Angie Chui

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