Ian Go Ian left ‘mainstream’ media to pursue a career as an advocacy writer focused on promoting agriculture and the protection of the environment. He is also communication consultant of the Department of Agriculture.
  • Organic solution to Black Sigatoka developed A possible solution for the dreaded Black Sigatoka in conventional and organic production of banana has been presented to the Department of Agriculture (DA). The fungicide Timorex Gold- is said to be the first registered organic fungicide for the control of Black Sigatoka in the country, pursuant to RA 10068, otherwise known as the Organic […] 2 min read
  • (Cotton) Plants vs. Worms This is not about a game, an app, or anything the selfie generation is so enamored with. Though the subject matter is basically the essence of what made the world see bears not as clawed killing machines, but as cuddly friends that children cannot go to sleep without, thanks to the toy being named after […] 6 min read
  • Animal-vaccine pioneer successfully mixes business with advocacy Eulalio “Ayong” Lorenzo, DVM, has come a long way from shoveling gravel, sand and cement as a construction worker in the ‘70s to build houses and earn money to be able to go to college and have a degree in Veterinary Medicine. Today, Doc Ayong, as he is popularly known, is a legitimate business mogul, […] 7 min read
  • Essential mangroves: security by the sea Fishermen in the remote village of Sabang, in Sta. Cruz, Zambales, for years, have lived by catching flying fish, commonly known in the area as Burador, which accounts for 70 percent of their catch. Suddenly they noticed that fewer and fewer Burador have been flying from the waters. Later they learned that this was due […] 4 min read
  • Saving Metro Manila’s Critical Watershed Let’s face it, the Philippines is prone to typhoons and flooding of ‘biblical’ proportions.  For  several years now,  we continue to grab the world’s attention with those killer cyclones, triggering massive flooding that had reduced billions of pesos in property to rubble and had claimed thousands of lives. Despite all these, one thing that has always […] 5 min read