• Here’s why Chef Sandy Daza ‘hates’ fusion food

    Amid the growing hype for ‘fusion food,’ renowned Pinoy Chef Sandy Daza said he is not a big fan of the trend. “If I cook the dish my mom would have wanted done it a different way. Her pochero is different from my pochero. But you know I got all kinds of pochero and if […]

    Joel C. Paredes 3 min read
  • Celebrity Chef Sandy Daza’s ‘recipe’ for life

    CELEBRITY Chef Sandy Daza admits hurdling a “no pain, no gain “life. And despite his captivating wit and humor, his success really came with being honest to his c audience. “So if it’s good, tell them that it’s good. if it’s not, who am I criticize? I don’t try to project something I’m not. I […]

    Joel C. Paredes 5 min read
  • The Ilocano ‘invasion’ of Pinoy cuisine

    I remember my father, a genuine Ilocano or GI, would always tell his friends that the best empanada can be found in his hometown of Batac in Ilocos Norte. And all our chicharon was no match against the bagnet. Whenever he sat for dinner, the table was served with pinakbet, and dininding — or inabrao, […]

    Joel C. Paredes 4 min read
  • Quarter-pound duck burgers, anyone? 2nd of two parts

    Have you ever eaten a burger made from pekin duck? “That’s one of the specialties we can offer in this restaurant,” remarked Marietta Lorenzo, the busy mother hen in the family-owned EDL Café, which her twin daughters set up inside their farm in San Mateo, Rizal. She takes pride in offering a quarter-pounder duck burger […]

    Joel C. Paredes 3 min read
  • From ‘Farmville’ to an eco-friendly events venue: 1st of two parts

    It all started when Catherine Lorenzo and her twin sister Katrina thought of setting up a small restaurant right inside their sprawling farm near the mountains of San Mateo, Rizal. For one, the family’s patriarch Dr. Eulalio Lorenzo has been hosting so many visitors, mostly their clients from the family-owned booming agro-vet enterprise. “Doc Ayong”, […]

    Joel C. Paredes 3 min read
  • Old school food trips in Chinatown

    Taking a stroll through Chinatown alone is a gastronomic experience as we enter the Year of the Sheep. The smells wafting through open aired food stalls and the wide variety of food assortments in the shops’ windows are more than enough to make one’s mouth and eyes water, and one’s stomach growl in acknowledgement. However, […]

    Angie Chui 8 min read
  • My Green Mango Theory and Other Thoughts

    I was “making sawsaw the bagoong” (krill paste) with a rare find of green mango at an Asian shop the other day, a Fijian I think, small and not very sour. In between bites, I caught my husband watching me with a funny look. I paused and asked myself why, indeed, do I love this […]

    Aline Parrone 2 min read
  • Why Pinoy food is awesome

    Don’t we wonder often enough why our Filipino food stands out, unfortunately in a non-popular way, from the rest of our neighboring Asian countries, particularly Southeast Asian? When it comes to cuisine, it seems we lose out to Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, and others from the Indo-Chinese group. No one but us seems to have such […]

    Aline Parrone 4 min read