“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” —Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad

  • The Sand Dunes of Ilocos Norte: From movie set to natural laboratory

    These amazing sand dunes in Ilocos Norte  have been there for ages, but recently, these geological treasures are fast becoming a top tourism destination north of the main island of Luzon. Ivan Domingo, a local journalist, wrote that the scattered sand dunes of La Paz in Laoag City gained attention after being featured in the […]

    Joel C. Paredes 4 min read
  • Bucket listing Mt. Guiting Guiting

    Mt. Guiting Guiting is one of the most technically challenging mountain terrains in the Philippines and that is why it comes as no surprise that its part of the bucket list of the country’s most seasoned climbers and hikers. Aside from the challenge, the view from the top makes one believe that they’s in another […]

    Angie Chui 5 min read
  • Bar girls rediscover life in one of the world’s most beautiful bays

    IN THE not so distant past, a rude city mayor forcibly evicted all bar girls in his fiefdom’s so-called tourist belt cum red-light district , thinking that he would finally get rid of its image of a “sin city.’” Some of these “working girls” opted to transfer to Puerto Galera, a coastal town that was […]

    Joel C. Paredes 5 min read
  • A mystical cave uncovered in Mindoro

    Barangay Chairman Oscar Santelices of Cabacao in Abra de Ilog, Mindoro Occidental found the National Greening Program a big boost in persuading local Mangyans to help protect their mountain village from rampant illegal logging. When they started developing 100 hectares of thinning forest lands, not only did it provide livelihood for the Mangyan communities; it […]

    Joel C. Paredes 2 min read
  • Volunteer vets wanted at Calauit (Palawan) Safari Park: Last of three parts

    How often can you put treating exotic animals in your resume? The Calauit Safari Park offers this unique opportunity for volunteer veterinarians who want to use their skills to help caretakers keep the park wildlife safe and healthy. Surprisingly for an island dedicating to protecting and conserving African wildlife species — considered a home to […]

    Angie Chui 4 min read
  • Calauit (Palawan) Safari Park: A Paradise in Peril? 2nd of three parts

    THE ECOTOURISM operation is booming at the Calauit Safari Park after being restricted from outsiders for over three decades. Froilan Sariego, the park manager reported that the farm catered to 6,000 tourists last year with a steady flow of visitors this year. But he lamented that they are constantly dealing with serious challenges, chiefly, the return […]

    Angie Chui 3 min read
  • Finding love at the Calauit (Palawan) Safari Park: First of three parts

    Thirty-nine years ago, Froilan Sariego was a young man of 23 when he first started working as a clerk at the Calauit Safari Park in  Northern Palawan. “I really wanted to pursue my studies in Manila, but my uncle advised me against leaving town. He said,’ mayroon nang trabaho dito aalis ka pa?” recalled Sariego, who […]

    Angie Chui 4 min read
  • Firefly watching in Coron

    Mangroves are known for enhancing biodiversity and enriching ecosystems and it is also a wonderful tourist attraction. This is something the residents of Barangay Bintuan in Coron are beginning to appreciate. In a strip of boardwalk donated by the provincial government several years back, tourists are now flocking to get a chance to view beautiful […]

    Angie Chui 2 min read
  • Biking Baler: Conquering Three Uphill Battles

    Baler is considered as one of the top surfing spots in the country attracting both local and foreign tourists especially during the surfing season. But do you know that Baler is also an ideal place to explore with our two wheeled environment-friendly and sustainable mode of transportation – the bicycle? I have yet to connect […]

    Michael Villanueva 5 min read
  • Exploring My Mother’s Hometown of Casiguran

    Riding alone and with no actual itinerary but driven with the desire to hit the trails, I rode my bike on a Good Friday all the way to the rolling hills of Casiguran, my mother’s hometown in Aurora Province. It turned out to be a travel adventure. I was time-warped in this aid-back, but scenic […]

    Michael Villanueva 3 min read
  • Protecting the Apo Reef Natural Park

    Meet Fe Raguindin, the park superintendent overseeing Apo Reef the largest atoll-type reef that stretches across 34 square kilometers of shimmering waters off the island of Mindoro. She may not be the typical tough-talking enforcer, being soft-spoken and seemingly cool-headed. But don’t be misled by her meek and friendly gestures. She had gained a reputation […]

    Joel C. Paredes 6 min read
  • Aurora in My Mind

    After visiting the province of Aurora, I continue to wonder why it became such a major tourist destination only lately when it boasts of countless scenic spots from ridge to reef. It was even tagged by environmentalists as the “last frontier” in the main Philippine island of Luzon for its lush tropical rainforests. Today, 85 […]

    Joel C. Paredes 4 min read